Cabinets & Countertops Services

Discover Our Cabinets & Countertops 

Cabinets and countertops are often a large part of any remodeling project. Your cabinets and counters are a main focus in your kitchen and bathroom. So, if they are old, damaged, or out of style, it may be time to upgrade. We offer refacing, painting, installations and removals for all cabinets and countertops.

You have a lot of options for new and improved cabinets and countertops. Rely on our services to make that happen. For example, we can provide:

  • Cabinet refacing: Do you simply want to replace parts of your cabinets? We can do everything from the finish to the doors and hardware.
  • Wood refinishing: Want to keep the same components but give them a brand-new look? We will apply new paint and stain to your cabinets.
  • Cabinet installation: If you’ve decided to replace your cabinets, we can help install your new ones professionally and safely.
  • Cabinet painting: Simply want to paint your cabinets for a fresh new look? We can paint your cabinets any color you want.
  • Countertops installation: Let us help you swap out your old countertops for new ones and place them wherever is most convenient for you.
  • Cabinet lighting: Want to highlight specific dishes or provide extra light for your kitchen? Just let us know what cabinet lighting options suit your needs.

Why Turn to Us?

We are dedicated to helping you have functional, beautiful, and modern surfaces. We are quick to respond to your call and have decades of experience to back up our services. Whatever service you want for your cabinets or countertops, we are happy to help.